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I wish to share my love of image-making with people, hoping to make a connection with those who recognize something of the texture of their own lives in what they see here. 

Event: Resilience: 8e Biennale du dessin

Time: Vernissage Sunday October 31, 2021 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, exhibition continues until Sunday January 2, 2022.

Space: Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, 150, rue du Centre civique, Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Québec)

Heartfelt thanks to Geneviève Létourneau and the entire museum team for an impeccable installation. Below are the Biennale artists and the good people of MBAMSH at the grand opening of Résilience: 8e Biennale du dessin. From left to right: Sébastien Gaudette, Jenie Gospodinova, André Michel (president MBAMSH), Thierry St-Laurent, Geneviève Lebel, Robert Chayer, Guiseppe Di Leo, Frank Mulvey, Christian Parent, Geneviève Létourneau (Coordonnatrice de l’accueil MBAMSH).

Thanks to Nalo Soyini Bruce for the photos!

Event: DIALOGUES IN TIME – Light, Time and Architecture in Art.

Lecture (Art and Design lecture series) to students of the School of Architecture of LAU.

Time: Thursday September 16, 2021

Space: Online lecture via Webex between Montreal and Beirut

I am grateful to Hanibal Srouji and the Department of Art and Design at LAU for inviting me to present this lecture to faculty and students of the School of Architecture at LAU. A video recording of this presentation can be viewed at the link below. Start viewing at the 5:15 mark in order to skip the preliminaries, or, for a brief sample of the talk, view from 31:20 to 38:57.

Event: Online exhibition.

Time: August 1- 31, 2021

Thank you to Dallas-based curator Ginger Cochran for selecting my artworks for ONYX III (online group exhibition), hosted by Envision Arts. It is fascinating to see how each artist embraces black in their work.

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