Observation of the world is fuelled by a need to understand its complexity. Things are better grasped if seen from a variety of viewpoints and through many lenses, unrestricted by the limitations of a singular perspective. However, despite the wealth of information gathered in this way, insights derived from this process never guarantee a final and all-encompassing truth. Each lens offers a variation on the subject, eliciting its own truth from the gemstone of visual experience.


A filled glass, the city beyond, and uncertain times.

One wrong move, the glass tips, the liquid spills.

For a second, the city sparkles and twists.

An unknown magic seen only by one.

In a city of thousands,

In a world of a thousand cities.


Inspiration is a fleeting vision that upsets the order of what one knows. Visions are vulnerable, unreliable and slippery. To express them presents risk. To act on them can be dangerous, but the road to enlightenment always is.



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