I wish to share my love of image-making with people, hoping to make a connection with those who recognize something of the texture of their own lives in what they see here. 

Event: Group exhibition

Time: February 15 to March 8, 2018

Space: The Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery of Dawson College, Montreal

Kudos to David Hall and to Joe Di Leo for their expert installation of the show, and to Catherine Moleski for her design work on the catalogue and poster. View the catalogue by clicking here.. Pictured is the charcoal drawing Rendez-vous, 2016, 53 1/2" x 49 5/8" including frame.

Sketching the composition for Rendez-vous started with simple means: paper, pencil, eraser, ruler and a dollar-store protractor. The next step (not so simple, but fun when you know how to do it): orthographic projection for the balloon stripes, and perspective grids for the architecture and the shadows.. Next, scan the sketch and paint on it digitally. This is a useful way to visualize the rich contrasts anticipated for a large drawing to be done entirely with charcoal.

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