Shadows Adorned

Event: Presentation by the artist, display, demonstration and critiques of student work.

Time: March 22—April 1, 2011

Space: Dupuis Hall of Queen's University, Kingston, ON

Heartfelt thanks go out to the following people, entities and sources:

Sylvat Aziz, Nancy Houghton, Nalo Bruce, Vahan Panikian, Alexi Dagher, Anthony McLean, the Department and Faculty of Art (Queen's University), Professional Development Committee (Dawson College).

The photos above are documents of the presentation, student critiques and charcoal drawing workshop at Queen's, as well as the display of artwork. Pictured above: Nalo Bruce on the left (subject of drawing Garden for All Desires featured on the Shadows Adorned poster), and Sylvat Aziz on the right (Associate Professor at Queen's University).

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