Preface, images and poems by Frank Mulvey

Introductory essay by art critic and author John K. Grande


Some of the images in this book do not appear in the hardcover publication VOYAGE, and as a smaller soft cover publication, it presents a very affordable alternative.  It includes an introductory essay by art critic and author John K. Grande, as well as poetry by the artist accompanying each image.  This publication is available for purchase (CAD $28.00 plus shipping) through

This 9" x 8.5" soft cover art book features high quality duotone reproductions of my charcoal drawings. The duotone process involved two passes through an offset printing press:  one for black ink and the other for a warm grey ink in order to capture all the dramatic contrasts as well as the subtle nuances of the original drawings.  It was printed by Transcontinental Printing because of their excellent track record in the area of fine art reproduction.  This publication was printed in conjunction with a 2003 solo show at the Bellefeuille Gallery in Montreal.


Foreword by art historian Anna Carlevaris

Introduction by the artist

Photography of Mulvey and his studio by Alex Kasyan

This hardcover book features large sumptuous reproductions of charcoal drawings covering Frank Mulvey’s thirty-year span of art production. The richly detailed, enigmatic and sensual artworks combine notions of anatomy and architecture within a framework of reinvented myth. 


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